October 16 Bingo Dedication

Monday, October 26, 2009

Who is Nobody?

The Festival City Rotary Club of Stratford has funded the introduction of the Who Is Nobody? character education program for the Grade 6 Gifted Program taught by teacher Cindy Carlson at Stratford Central Public School.

It all began in October,2009, when a mysterious suitcase arrived at the classroom containing a blue rag doll void of features and gender.

Throughout this year long program, each student will implement a service learning project and then design a 3D object to pin on the Nobody doll which will give the doll its character. This project builds on everybody's unique strengths, nurturing their self-esteem and enhancing their academic performance. NOBODY will become a SOMEBODY!

The FCRCS can look forward to a visit from SOMEBODY and Ms. Carlson in the new year.
Visit www.whoisnobody.com for further information on this multiple award-winning program that is sponsored by several Rotary clubs throughout Ontario.


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